The MSU Broad Museum

Art Lab opening with Dean Christopher Long, Marc-Olivier Whaler Director of the MSU Broad, President and CEO MSUFCU April Clobes

Artist David Lamelas performing his piece “Time”

Student checks out the Hidden World Collection by Mike Shaw

Artist Oscar Tuazon works with Brian Kirshenstiener and Steven L. Bridges on installation details

Opening of The Transported Man

Opening of David Lamelas | Fiction of a Production

Johanna Unzueta with studio assistants

Summer camp friends

Rainbow Lake Home

Lansing near west side 823 Bancroft Ct. SOLD!

Lake Hudson shoreline sunset

Night skies dark park Lake Hudson

Live performance by Ochesis Dance Company


Biddle City Project Founders portrait

Super Black

Students at work in the sculpture garden

"Visions for the End of the World," a play by Scott Crandall

Students enjoying the Drawing Marathon

Portrait of an IPF welder